Album Review: The Dears 'Lovers Rock'

April 28, 2021

The Dears Find Solace in Dystopian Times on 'Lovers Rock'

The Dears' latest album, Lovers Rock, exports listeners into another dimension with ethereal dream-pop melodies and dark guitar riffs.

The husband and wife duo of Murray Lightburn and Natalia Yanchak have led the Montreal band for the past two and a half decades. Their eighth album is a spiritual successor to the residual incertitude of 2003's No Cities Left — something that becomes apparent in the dreariness of songs like "Instant Nightmare!" The world is falling apart, but "nobody gives a damn." The subject matter follows dystopian exasperation synonymous with the dissolution of society.

Fuel your romanticism for existential dread with Lovers Rock. Lyrically, the songs strike with a sense of hopelessness, as "nobody wants to die, but does anyone want to live?" This is a relentless quest for solace from the doom of the world, with songs that are drenched in apathy: "Since all these years / Is it still the same old song / Can we ever look beyond?"

Lovers Rock reflects the Dears' identity as a band, illustrating their development, both lyrically and musically, by intertwining a sense of being down in the dumps with intricate, euphonious melodies.

The album culminates with "We'll Go into Hiding," its morose nostalgia embellished by violins and pounding drums. From these tinted lenses, the wicked world eerily resembles a grey cloud, but "it is going to be alright." Just escape the desolation and despair with a loved one. (Dangerbird)

Originally published in Exclaim. Read the online version here.