Hi! I'm Alexis!

I am a driven creative with a heart of gold and a sprinkle of eccentricity. 

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I realized there wasn’t any impactful and imaginative content in the communications sector, and I wanted to change that. My favourite projects to work on are telling the story of creatives and critical media analysis. 

My goal is to pull readers in with a captivating hook and make them think more critically. Seeing creative people excel and get the recognition they deserve brings me joy. I care deeply about honesty, accountability and excellence. 


Growing up, I wrote short stories with memorable characters inspired by my creative imagination. In Writing 12, I realized my calling for visual and written communications. The following year I published my first article for Lotusland Magazine. 


I pursued a Bachelor Degree in Communications Studies Degree from Capilano University, where I gained public and media relations skills. While at Capilano University, I worked as a contributor for Capilano Courier, attending pitch meetings and writing bi-weekly content. I fell in love with the fast-paced work environment. I interned as a music journalist and have an extensive vinyl record collection. 

Working as a freelancer for the past five years, I have gained expertise in copywriting, editorial and social media management. I have impeccable organizational skills, as I am often juggling up to four projects simultaneously. I enjoy teaming up with other creatives. I have conducted over fifty interviews with various people, such as multidisciplinary artists, a financial expert and a politician. 


I live on the West Coast of Canada with a family of plants and a kooky vintage wardrobe. I am passionate about volunteering for social justice initiatives. I currently work as a freelance writer and would love to take on your project. Check out my recently published page for examples of content.