Alexis Zygan spent her formative years exploring her passion for drawing, painting and photography. Writing 12 is where she uncovered her love for literature. In 2018 she published her first article, a concert review for Lotusland. Alexis Zygan is a graduate of the Bachelor of Communications Program at Capilano University. While at Capilano University, she wrote for Capilano Courier and UBC's publication Discorder. She currently works as the content coordinator for Burke Mountain Living. 


Alexis Zygan is a creative spirit living on the West Coast. Her friends and coworkers describe her as empathetic, funny and always looking for ways to improve. Her bold character drives her passion for uncovering new ideas and experiences. Fuelled by an ever-evolving imagination, her writing broadcasts a creative voice. Through her works, she hopes to spark a conversation and inspire others. 


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Vancouver, British Columbia 

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